Looking for commercial property in Pune? Pune is a city in the state of Maharashtra that has been developing rapidly in recent decades. Over the years, the city has established itself to be one of the IT and business hubs in the country. This makes it a desirable location for commercial investment due to various reasons.

Previously, we discussed the location advantages that come with investing in commercial real estate property in Baner. In this blog, we will help you understand why you should invest in commercial property in Pune, the different types of options available for that investment and the best location for commercial property investment other than Baner.

Why should you do a Commercial Investment in Pune?

Now, the first question you might have in your head is why should you invest in Pune in the first place and not any other city. Well, the following are the major reasons for you to invest in Pune:

Affordable cost

Your primary goal is to get the most efficient property while cutting down costs. That is possible with Pune. As compared to the other major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, Pune is a lot cheaper in terms of commercial investments. Here, you can get remarkable commercial properties at cheaper rates and high appreciation.

High ROI

Whether you are investing in a commercial property for rental purposes or business purposes, you need a property whose value increases significantly with time. Commercial properties in Pune offer great property appreciation as the city is constantly developing to be better than yesterday.

And if the value of the property increases, the rental income coming from it will also increase giving you a high return on investment.

Infrastructure advancements

As we just mentioned, the city is always changing, always making room for new buildings and other infrastructural developments. As of now, a huge part of the city is under construction with various innovative projects on the way like our Ambrosia Galaxy commercial property investment project.

These advancements increase the value and status of the area surrounding it increasing their value and in turn, giving a high return on their investment.

Great connectivity

It can be said without a doubt that Pune is one of the most well-connected cities in our country. It has several local train stations with one major station. It is also nicely connected to both Mumbai and Bangalore via highways. Moreover, Pune is also a part of the ongoing metro project across the country.

All these factors clearly state that Pune is highly connected to major cities making it a desired investment location.

Technological advances

Along with the infrastructural advances taking place throughout the city, Pune is also very developed in terms of technology. As you might already know, Pune is home to many renowned IT companies, which makes it a sought-after IT hub. Thus, it is very developed in terms of technology, and there are many more developments on the way.

Increased opportunities

And the last reason for you to invest in a commercial property in Pune is that Pune offers various opportunities for your businesses to grow. The city has a huge population, and setting up your business in just the right location would help your business grow tremendously.

Moreover, since many new and old businesses are entering the market of Pune, there is increased healthy competition in the city.

Different Commercial Investment Options Available in Pune

When you go on your search for commercial property investment in Pune, you have various options, and some of the key ones are as follows:

Office spaces

Whether you are launching your start-up business or expanding your business into Pune, you will need office spaces to conduct your business operations. Moreover, if you are just looking for an investment, office space is a great option. Since there are many businesses in Pune, you can easily find someone to rent your property and gain rental income.


The next option you have is retail shops. Pune is an ideal location for retail, as it has a huge market of consumers that you can target for your business. Opening up a retail shop in Pune will open up great opportunities for your business.


You can also invest in a showroom in Pune. Showrooms are a great way of enhancing the customer experience while also showcasing your business values. Here, you need to make sure you get the right location to grow your business.


And the last option for commercial investment in Pune is investing in a warehouse. It can be pretty costly, but renting or leasing a warehouse will procure a high ROI, which will cover your costs in a short time.

Best Commercial Investment Locations in Pune

In this segment, we will discuss the best commercial investment locations in Pune. Since we already discussed how Baner is the best location to invest in Pune in the previous blog, we will be focusing on other locations here. Here it goes:

1. Kharadi

Kharadi is located in the eastern part of Pune, which used to be a vast area of barren land once upon a time. Now, the area is bustling with new commercial and residential projects. It is situated close to the airport and other posh areas like Koregaon Park, Cyber City, and Kalyani Nagar.

2. Viman Nagar

Viman Nagar is located in the eastern part of Pune and is close to the airport as well. The area is in close proximity to two major IT parks in the city. This area is improving incessantly with the infrastructural developments dotting the area. It also houses two of the major shopping malls in the city.

3. Hinjewadi

Hinjewadi is located in the northeast part of the city and is well connected with other developed areas like Wakad, Belawadi, Baner, and Tathawade. This area may have a little traffic at the peak hour, but if you are looking for a commercial investment property, this is a great option after Baner.


If you are interested in buying commercial property in Baner, you are in the right place. Ambrosia Galaxy is a commercial property project dealing with office spaces, shops, and showrooms for rent and sale. We offer high-end spaces for commercial purposes along with various other facilities such as personalised amenities, a courtyard, a client lounge, coworking spaces, a business stay suite, a conference room, a yoga lounge, and so much more.

Moreover, the well-defined project is set in a highly connected and prime location in Baner, making it ideal for your investment purposes.

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