Pune is a sprawling city in the state of Maharashtra and one of the biggest industrial and education hubs in the country. In recent years, Pune has seen tremendous growth as a business centre marking its name as one of the fastest-growing cities in India.

Launching a business or expanding an existing one in Pune means you are setting foot in an ever-growing market with incredible growth prospects.

All this has made Pune one of the best places to invest in commercial property. 

In this blog, we will continue from the right time to invest in commercial property and talk about why you should invest in a commercial property in Pune, what different options you have for commercial property and the best places to invest in commercial property.

Why should you invest in commercial property in Pune?

Why should you invest in commercial property in Pune
As we have previously discussed, Pune offers elaborate growth prospects making it a field for commercial investment. The following are some of the reasons why you should buy a commercial property in Pune:

Commercial property appreciation

Pune is a developing economy and has been for a long time now. Despite the recent hit of the pandemic, Pune has managed to shine through with increased opportunities for businesses. This guarantees one thing: properties in Pune will see steady price appreciation with the developments happening throughout the city.

But this is not true for every location in Pune. You should choose to invest in areas like Baner, Kharadi, Hinjewadi and such for property appreciation.

Infrastructural development

If you think Pune has reached the peak of its development with the metro project, you could be wrong. There is still a long way to go. With developments like metro tracks, road widening projects, IT centres and so much more, the city is proving that this is only the beginning.

More economical than Mumbai

Mumbai has a long history of being the number one choice of Indian businesses as a financial capital. But we all know that the lack of space in Mumbai has caused the real estate market to spike incessantly. This caused a focus shift from Mumbai to Navi Mumbai and Pune.

And thus, Pune has emerged as a far more economical option for businesses as compared to Mumbai due to the availability of land, reduced real estate costs and larger retail and office spaces.

Profitable business prospects

If you are looking to expand or begin your business with Pune, you are looking at lucrative commercial opportunities for your business to grow. Businesses from the service sector like IT, banking, consulting, investment, education and such have excessive growth opportunities.

All that matters is choosing the location wisely according to your business.

Rental and lease opportunities

If you are looking to invest in commercial property in Pune not for the aim of business but solely for the purpose of investment, you get various rental and lease opportunities. Considering Pune is home to several businesses ranging from start-ups to well-established organisations, your investment property can give you great rental returns.

A network of start-ups

Every year, hundreds, if not thousands, of start-ups get registered in Pune. Due to the start-up ecosystem that Pune offers, welcoming new ideas and helping them grow, it has become one of the ideal locations for start-ups. If you invest in a commercial property for rental purposes, you can easily rent it with a start-up business.

Different options available under commercial property in Pune

When looking for a commercial property in Pune, you will be presented with various options. We have listed the most common options available for commercial properties in Pune:

Office spaces

If you are looking to set up your service sector business like IT, investment, banking, education and consultation, then you would need a designated office space for you and your employees to carry out the business tasks. Since we already discussed that Pune is a hub for these kinds of businesses, an office space is one of the most chosen options for commercial property.


The next option for commercial property in Pune is retail. Pune is an up-and-coming destination for retail businesses growing at a rapid pace to accommodate the retail demands of the city. If you are investing in a commercial property for your retail business, Pune should be an ideal option for you.


And with that, the last option is showrooms. Pune has seen a greater advancement in showrooms and shops in recent years. But the yield, in this case, depends largely on the location of the commercial property. And this brings us to our next topic of discussion.

Best places to invest in commercial property

As we have mentioned several times before, location is the key factor in real estate, whether it be a commercial property or a residential one. The following are some of the most beneficial places to invest in commercial property in Pune:

1. Baner

Baner, located in western Pune, is a great option for investing in commercial property. Its proximity to the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway and connectivity with Balewadi, Aundh, Wakad, and Pune University Road make it a remarkable choice for commercial investment.

It is already home to many IT professionals and offers spacious locations for showrooms, office spaces, and retail shops alike.

2. Kharadi

The next great option to invest in commercial property is Kharadi. It constitutes a part of east Pune and is a short drive away from the airport. Kharadi is home to big IT companies and is well connected with some of the upscale areas like Kalyani Nagar and Viman Nagar. Moreover, it is also quite close to the ongoing metro project in Pune.

3. Wakad

That brings us to our last top destination in Pune for commercial spaces. It is close to the Mumbai-Pune expressway and Hinjawadi IT Park. This area houses some of the top schools and is connected with other industrial areas like Chakan and Talegaon.


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