Every business owner wants his/her company to settle down at the right location that is perfect in all the aspects, such as the location, connectivity, close proximity to prime locations, amenities and facilities. Understanding all these factors and fulfilling them to the best is what is called the Ambrosia Galaxy.

Ambrosia Galaxy is a commercial project, constructed by Pune’s renowned construction group, Divyasparsh Infra. The project is currently under construction in the buzzing and prime location of the Baner area in Pune. The developers and the engineers have truly heard and understood today’s need for commercial spaces and planned this iconic business hub that caters for each and every need of all business owners.

What is so special about the Ambrosia Galaxy? There’s a lot to discuss and by the end of this article, you’ll definitely agree with us as to why this commercial property is so special and looked out for.



Ambrosia Galaxy is located in the prime area of Baner, one of the most highly demanded areas in Pune for residential and commercial properties. Baner is connected to the iconic Mumbai-Bangalore Highway which is just half a km away from the Ambrosia Galaxy property and plays an important role in transportation and connectivity. Baner provides you with a perfect balance to live a professional and personal lifestyle with major business hubs and hangout places present in this area. 


The structure of Ambrosia Galaxy is crafted with sheer brilliance by the engineers behind its design. What attracts every eye is the tall tower fully covered with a glass facade that can be easily noticed from over a distance. The top of the cherry is the roof-top of this structure which is shaped like a butterfly. Yes, a Butterfly shaped structure that not just elevates the look of this tower but it will help the property install solar panels at the top that will produce electricity using the sun’s rays.

The spaces within Ambrosia Galaxy are very well-planned ensuring maximum utilization of space by accommodating amenities and facilities on every floor that will promote easy workflow and avoid less congestion. Facilities such as parking areas, elevators, DG backups, three-tier security systems and all major requirements are well managed in this building.


Ambrosia Galaxy is blessed with different modes of connectivity being located next to the 2 sanctioned DP roads connecting to the Mumbai-Bangalore expressway. The other modes of connectivity are the govt. bus stops and the upcoming metro line that will pass through Baner and provide seamless connectivity for employees travelling from distant places. Other major highlights of connectivity are the Pune Airport and Pune Railway station which are just 18 & 9 km away from Ambrosia Galaxy. 


Amenities at Ambrosia Galaxy are the most talked about as the property offers 10,000 sq. ft. of amenities space. Unlike the typical commercial buildings where basic amenities are made available, amenities at Ambrosia Galaxy are planned for the welfare and personal growth of each and every person working on the premises. The list includes important amenities such as – Daycare, Gymnasiums, Yoga & Meditation rooms, Conference rooms, Cafeteria, Play areas, a Dining room, Guest Lounge, Medical Rooms and other basic amenities. 

“Today, people spend half their day working for the growth of their business and company and are unable to work and improve on their personal life goals. The amenities in this property will give them a chance to take care of their personal fitness and growth and that will indirectly reflect in the productivity & energy levels on the office floor” said, Mr Vaibhav Vidhate, director of Divyasparsh Group. 


Ambrosia Galaxy is also called and marketed as the Commercial Capital of Baner because of its offerings and opportunities that it caters to all types of commercial businesses and services. The 18-floor tall tower has 14 floors dedicated to office spaces, wherein all types of businesses, small or big, corporate MNCs every one can settle down at Ambrosia Galaxy. The tower also has spaces for showrooms and retail shops on the ground and 1st floor on the outer side meaning, good exposure to businesses and brands and encouraging high footfalls on a daily basis. 


Baner has witnessed tremendous growth over the years right from the infrastructure of roads, residential and commercial buildings, community places and much more. This has also given a boost to property prices making it one of the hottest areas in Pune today for real estate investment. With new projects being launched and developed by builders regularly the prices are rising every 6-8 months. This gives a good opportunity for real estate investors to make their portfolios even stronger and also earn good growing returns regularly.

These were the top 5 major reasons that make Ambrosia Galaxy so special and a most desired place where every business would like to run their business and take it to the next level. Divyasparsh Group has begun with this one of its kind commercial project in Pune which not just helps businesses grow but also promotes a sustainable work environment for all. The use of solar panels, rainwater harvesting and using LED lights that consume less energy are some of the initiatives that make this property environment-friendly as well. 

With a strong core team at every level of planning, execution and sales, Divyasparsh promises to complete this marvellous project by April 2024 and help businesses to quickly settle down and start running their business again with a new zeal and boost.