An office forms one of the most important dimensions of any business. It is a place where employees of different departments work for a common cause which is to improve the business from the position where it was yesterday. Hence, it becomes very important to maintain a positive office environment.

A positive working environment is one of the most important aspects concerning office culture and employee experience. It helps to create an ambience that keeps the employees motivated and happy, resulting in improved productivity.

What makes an office “The Office”? It is the employees. Any organization needs to hire people who have a positive and motivated outlook. Building trust and honesty in the workplace are also some of the features which encourage a nice working environment. An employee who has a smile on his face encourages the members of the team to have a jovial mood throughout the day, thus improving the office environment.

Workplace positivity doesn’t always require having fancy wall art or expensive paintings hanging around the office, rather it can be done by taking care of some subtle and simple things. Efforts like choosing a light environment with a shade of white and grey maintain a calming work culture, helping the employees to have a relaxed and positive work environment.

Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment in office space

1. Improve the physical workplace

The physical office components are one of the factors that are ignored by most businesses. If the employees enjoy and feel comfortable in the environment they work in, they tend to work with increased satisfaction levels. Providing comfortable office furniture to the office employees is important as it makes the employees work in a comfortable and healthy work environment.

Good furniture like desks and chairs helps the workers to do their job over long stretches, increasing their productivity and keeping their physical relaxation as a priority. Adding on the installation of indoor plants creates a healthy working environment which not only enhances the indoor health of the employees but also responsible for reducing the stress factors of the workers.

2. Encourage fun

Fun activity in the office
A workplace can be fun and can, in turn, have an energetic impact on the employees. Main workplace fun can have several positive impacts like avoiding the burnout and boredom caused by long working hours and the responsibilities of the same. A company can look forward to building a game room in one of the open spaces if available in the office premises.

Although if any open space is unavailable, then one may convert any of the old unused office rooms. Employees can enjoy themselves for a few minutes by playing games like cards, foosball, table tennis equipment, etc. Also, the inclusion of activities like encouraging employees of the office to paint and design different compartments of the office, like painting a wall and creating graffiti. This kind of activity encourages and enhances the creativity of the employees and also helps to create a sense of teamwork and coordination among the employees.

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3. Recognize success

The human brain always wants a dose of dopamine time and again. Hence, rewarding and recognising the efforts of the employees has a positive and healthy impact on the worker’s psychology, in turn creating a good work environment. Simple compliments like “Great Job!” can be enough to improve or boost the confidence of the employees. Recognition of efforts in the workplace can cheer up the mood in the office and also create healthy competition among the group, which is beneficial for the company. Efforts like naming and recognising the employee’s efforts every week encourage the worker.

Recognising the hard work of the employees through posting and naming them in the common company portal creates a perspective of the company on a particular work which informs others to pull up their socks and motivates them to have their name in the next recognition. This encourages a healthy work environment among the employees.

4. Give employees a say in policy making

employees sharing their view
Regardless of the size and nature of the company, every organisation has a set of policies that are necessary for the smooth running of the company. The company’s policies signify the organization’s values, culture, and responsibilities. Involving employees in the workplace in policy-making procedures could be encouraging. The workers feel more belonging and could add real value-added suggestions based on different aspects of the healthy work culture.

The flow of ideas from different directions eventually creates a sea of suggestions. Also, taking so many viewpoints brings various perspectives to think about a single development. The inclusion of one’s perspective also shows the individual’s clarity on the situation. Thus, activities like these not only motivate the employees but also give a chance to the people working in higher ranks to understand the different natures of the workers in the organisation.

Any business that is looking to scale up should look at the benefits of the creation of a healthy work environment. Being in the 21st-century corporate world, organisations that are taking baby steps or those that are in a transition period should look at the importance of the work environment. The growing cases of stress and disturbances in work-life balance are a reflection of the modern work culture. These modern problems need a solution that can not only keep the employees motivated but also make them happy and, as a result, increase their productivity for the company.


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