Commercial property is an investment used mainly for businesses and income-generating purposes. It differs from Residential property because it provides rental income and capital appreciation for investors. Over the years, Commercial Real Estate is becoming highly popular and has witnessed enormous growth. It is an assured, reliable, profitable, and higher return investment.
However, it is often a difficult decision to make, especially when it is about investment in commercial property. People believe commercial real estate investment is only for big investors and businessmen. But there are numerous options like shops and showrooms where even salaried people can invest freely.
Commercial real estate investment includes investment in Office Spaces, Multifamily Rentals, Shopping centers, Hotels, Malls, Garages, and Retail. Investment in these is budget-friendly and less tiresome and can be advantageous in the long run and have exceptional returns.


Why is it the right time to invest in commercial property?



India is the fastest-growing economy globally and offers long-term investment prospects in commercial property for investment. With the current increasing numbers of investments, interest rates remain at historical lows and offer various other benefits to investors. If you are looking for an investment in commercial property it is the right time to invest and gain exceptional future benefits.
The following reasons state why it’s the right time to invest in commercial property:

  • Appreciation of Value

Commercial asset value is considered to increase with time and yields enormous profits at the time of sale. The increase in the amount of rent leads to higher cash flow. With the increased control over the investment, the risk of loss is almost negligible and thus property can be leveraged to capitalize on numerous revenue streams. This way the more you hold onto the commercial property, the more the profits. It gives the advantage of Capital appreciation.

  • High Cash Flow

The high cash flow generated makes it an essential reason to invest right now in commercial property. The consistent monthly rental income makes it an excellent source of passive income and provides long-term financial security. Thus the cash flows will be higher.

  • Increasing demand for office spaces

With the current increasing number of businesses and startups and the expansion of companies and small businesses in the country, the demand for commercial office space is on a rise. With this increasing demand, the need for more commercial property increases with good infrastructural facilities and high-class amenities. Professionals seek to invest in a well-equipped property that is in a prime location in the country and is preferred by most professionals.
All these reasons stated above imply that NOW is the right time to invest in commercial property investments and grab this excellent opportunity for earning high revenue in the long run.


Why Pune for your commercial property Investments?



The enormous growth opportunities in Pune have made it an ideal location for good real estate investments. Today, Pune is the largest real estate market in India. Pune with its booming IT industry, growing startup culture, and numerous manufacturing & automobile industries, attract investment from professionals, industrialists, and entrepreneurs from around the country.
Investing in a commercial property in Pune proves to be advantageous in the long run for the following reasons:

  • Rental Opportunities
    Many startups, SMEs, and global enterprises set up their offices in Pune because of the growing business prospects, strategic location, low operational costs, easy connectivity, and well-developed infrastructure. However, business owners tend to rent business properties instead of buying them because of the availability of rental and lease opportunities. Renting office space allows them to save on operational costs.

It creates an opportunity for commercial investors to market their commercial property to such business owners and give them on rent or lease. It makes a reliable source of income for investors.

  • Infrastructural Development Advantage
    Pune is a city of rapid infrastructural development. Over the past few years, we have witnessed immense development in Pune such as being a smart city, metro development, railway hub, IT Centres, Defence Centre, and advancement in industrial & commercial zones. And there is no stopping this city as it is the prominent business hub for the country. All these developments encourage more commercial investments in Pune.


  • The increasing number of Startups
    Today, the culture of startups is growing in the whole country. However, Pune is the host of a large number of startups because of the business environment that it offers. And the numbers are expected to grow each year. Startups look for smaller office spaces or coworking spaces to reduce expenses because of their limited budget.

Investors can grab this opportunity by investing in coworking spaces and benefit from low operating costs in real estate investment in pune as compared to other metro cities.


  1. Social Infrastructure
    Pune has a great social infrastructure in terms of National & International Schools, International colleges & universities, leading hospitals, and shopping complexes. This social infrastructural development attracts more and more professionals to rent their office spaces and has proximity to all these developments. It increases the property price appreciation rate and gradually the demand for commercial properties.



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