Office space is no longer a new concept. We are all very well versed in what office space is. The Indian Real Estate Market is experiencing immense growth and has many attractive developments. Office Spaces is one of them.

However, many companies and business professionals ignore the importance of office space. The high employment rate in IT companies and the increasing number of startups and small businesses are driving up the demand for commercial office spaces. The Post-Pandemic Period calls for new office space on rent for businesses to renew their operations offline.

But do you know the importance of having an own office space?

A well-built and beautifully designed office space communicates the company’s identity, ethos, values, and culture to the employees, clients, and world. They not just empower happy and productive human assets but also strengthen the company’s brand image in the market.

However, choosing the right office space will be a game-changer for startups and small businesses. It is essential to get an IT office space that maintains the balance between what you can afford and what matches all your business requirements.

How to choose an office space for your IT company?

It has become crucial to choose an office space for your IT company that will boost employee productivity and foster growth in the organization.

Here we have a list of some factors you must consider when choosing the office space for your business that will enhance the company’s success rate.

1. Decide the ideal size of your workspace

Determine the number of employees, equipment, and furniture you need to accommodate and estimate the current employee numbers and future potential employees in need of expansion.

The space should be able to arrange all the required assets. Also, to keep everyone and everything in a comfortable place, don’t buy office space that will add up to your costs. Maintain the balance effectively.

2. The perfect location

Without a doubt, location will always be one of the most important deciding factors for an office space. The strategic location impacts the business’s growth and reputation and increases its credibility. The accessibility of a public and private location

In a city like Pune, where traffic is a concern for late coming employees, the convenience of public and private transportation accessibility helps. Along with this, your clients will also find it easy to reach your office for meetings. Also, if you find the location in the IT Hub of Pune, it will be the perfect location.

3. Facilities and amenities

Consider choosing a space with high-class facilities and amenities to advance your working environment and business effectiveness. It is necessary to have an office layout where all the furniture and equipment fit well. Choose an IT company office with comfortable and safe amenities like built-in parking, a reception area for clients, and conference rooms to conduct meetings. Other facilities, like telephone connection and pantry services, are  beneficial add-on. All these facilities keep your employees happy and motivated toward work.

4. Price – Get Value for Your Money

If you spend too little on buying office space, you will not have a fully equipped and well infrastructure, which will decrease employee productivity. On the other hand, if you spend too much, you will struggle to pay the rent and other expenses and might have to move out after a few months. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose a space that perfectly fits your budget and has all the required facilities and amenities with good infrastructure so that employees are motivated.

5. Style

The style of your office space is another important factor. You must consider a design pattern that fosters a creative working environment. Style the space as per your business operations and the employee needs and customize it at no added extra costs. The style builds your business brand and helps create an image in the eyes of your customers and clients.

Things to keep in mind while choosing office space?

Though there are several benefits that office spaces provide, you need to be very careful of certain things to critically examine them to create a positive and effective ecosystem.

Keep the following things in mind while choosing office space:

  • The most important thing is to start planning for your office space in advance. Determine what you desire in your workspace so that you get an idea of your future business space. This will also help you to clearly define your IT office space requirements and communicate them.
  • The flexibility of the office space is a top priority. Choose an office space that can be customized in case of future expansion.
  • Check out the space leasing terms. The ideal lease term ranges from 5-10 years. Do not choose a term more than these as you don’t know about your future business dynamics.
  • Check the security system of the building where your desired office space is situated. Ensure that the building is in a secure place and is equipped with safety measures for emergencies.


Well, this guide has summed up all that you need to know about having a physical office space in Pune for your IT company. Your office space defines your brand identity and presents it to the world.

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