Are you looking for a property to convert into a commercial shop in Pune? No matter whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur, investing in real estate is a big step. However, real estate investments have huge potential to grow in the future and give you hefty returns. Moreover, investing in a commercial shop is one of the most lucrative forms of investment that serves as a constant source of income when put on rent.

Although real estate investment is not a five-finger exercise, it needs smart strategy and planning. But don’t worry, we have your back. Read this article to get answers to all the possible questions. 

Why should you buy a commercial shop in Pune?

In the last few years, Pune has emerged as one of the most popular and preferred cities among the young crowd. This is due to an increase in the number of tech giants opening up their offices in this city. Also, Pune has become an industrial center, and its economy is booming rapidly. After Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad, Pune is trending in the commercial real estate industry. 

If you are planning an investment in a commercial shop, Pune is the best option. Multiple reasons justify the fact that Pune is the most sought-after commercial real estate investment. 

  1. Well-developed advanced Infrastructure:

While investing in real estate, it is imperative to consider its affinity and visibility. Pune is emerging as one of the best residential locations in India, which assures strong connections. Many national highways pass by this region, which makes transportation convenient. 

This city has a well-developed railway station and airport that connect it with other parts of India. Along with this, Pune has 3 bus depots close to railway stations that offer easy transportation services. Besides, Pune will soon witness major developments as it is taken as the first model under the ambiguous smart city project. 

  1. Hub of tech companies:

Pune hosts more than 100 tech giants, and many more are under construction. It even has job hub regions such as EON IT Park, World Trade Centre, Magarpatta City, etc. This makes Pune an employment hub. 

  1. Well-developed social infrastructure:

Pune ranks in providing the best social infrastructure, which is an added advantage to commercial real estate investment. It has international colleges, top institutions, international schools, offices, leading hospitals, shopping complexes, and nursing homes which are contributing to its development. Thus, the price of property in Pune is gradually increasing. 

  1. Provide ecosystem for Start-Ups:

The increase in the IT sector in Pune has attracted a lot of fresh and young talents from around the country. The presence of young minds and a stable government have made Pune the ideal location for building start-ups. Pune provides an excellent ecosystem for start-ups to flourish, and thus the demand for commercial property is increasing day by day.

  1. Amazing weather conditions:

After Bangalore, Pune has great weather conditions, which makes it an ideal place to reside. It is located in the west of India with stable temperate weather and is thus also referred to as “Pensioner’s Paradise.” 

Pune is ranked as the ninth most populated city in the country and the second largest city in Maharashtra. Also, Pune is the cultural capital of India, making it a premier educational destination. Besides, Pune is referred to as the Queen of the Deccan. Thereby, it is clear that Pune has everything that makes it the ideal spot for real estate investment.

What are the advantages of buying a commercial shop in Pune?

Pune has seen significant growth over the past 5 years making it a promising location for commercial real estate investment in the long run. Thus, buying a commercial shop in Pune will be a win-win situation for you from many perspectives. If you are still skeptical, here is the list of advantages of buying commercial property in Pune city.

  • Appreciation of commercial real estate value

Pune city has been growing as a commercial real estate market since the early 2000s. Pune serves as the ideal place to buy a commercial shop; however, the area matters a lot. Most of the areas in Pune are undergoing huge residential development, so you can expect good value for your investment in the long run if you buy a commercial shop in Pune. 

  • Opportunities to lease and rent the property 

Pune is a hub of many global entities, businesses, SMEs, and startups. Many companies are aspiring to open their offices in Pune, considering its favorable weather, strategic location, affinity with Mumbai, increased business opportunities, and overall lower operational costs. Thus, it gives you ample opportunity to put your property on lease or rent. Businesses often look for leased property as it saves on operational costs and time. Thereby, you can leverage this opportunity and create a steady source of income

  • Emerging Business Possibilities 

Pune is a competitive location, yet it is growing as a potential business hub day by day. Many businesses, such as investment and consulting, education, IT banking, and retail, have immense scope for growth in Pune. Thus, these businesses want to register their presence in the city. Thus giving you a great opportunity to rent your property to these businesses and make a great amount of money. 

Different Options Available in Pune for buying a commercial shop

It’s overwhelming to choose among the plethora of options available in Pune to buy a commercial shop. But it is critical to ensure that the property you are investing in yields you a satisfactory return. That being said, here is the list of options that will be profitable:

  • Residential Apartment:

Pune is growing as an ideal residential location, and thus the opportunities to set up commercial shops in, around, or at these residential locations have increased significantly. There are various small and medium-sized businesses that operate within the confines of a residential location as it gives them access to the general public at large.

  • Business center:

Many businesses are eyeing Pune to start their offices. Thus, buying a commercial shop in a business center will be profitable. Establishing your office within these business centers is ideal as your company gains more attention and attracts eyeballs. The amenities offered by these professional business centers are also of premium quality.

  • Malls:

Pune has a well-developed social infrastructure and has a rampant chance to grow more in the future. Malls are among the most popular social infrastructure, thus you can expect a great ROI if you buy a commercial shop in a mall.

Wrap up-

Investing in commercial property in Pune is a smart investment. Commercial properties provide more financial gains than any other kind of investment in the long run. But there are significant risks involved. You can contact Ambrosia Galaxy if you want to purchase a commercial shop in Pune.