Ambrosia Galaxy by Divyasparsh Infra is a new commercial property project in the rapidly growing city of Pune. With Pune’s thriving market and the recent return of companies to physical offices, investing in commercial real estate in the city is a wise decision. Divya Sparsh Group, the developer behind Ambrosia Galaxy, is known for its commitment to quality, customer centricity, and transparency in business transactions. The company’s vision and core values form the foundation of its projects, and its pursuit of excellence is evident in its construction quality and design. Ambrosia Galaxy, located in Baner, is set to be a new economic paradigm for the area. With its commitment to customer satisfaction, this commercial project is an excellent choice for investors looking for commercial property in Baner Pune.

Ambrosia Galaxy – Experience 360 Corporate Luxury

  • Amenities 360: The new commercial project in Baner Pune boasts a top-terrace cafeteria that offers a unique and elegant dining experience, allowing employees and visitors to enjoy delicious meals and drinks in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The central open courtyard is another key feature of the project, providing a peaceful and rejuvenating environment for employees. It is surrounded by lush greenery and is the perfect place for employees to unwind and escape from the stress of work. The state-of-the-art gym is equipped with the latest exercise equipment and is ideal for employees who value fitness and wellness. The gym provides a great opportunity for employees to stay active and healthy, even during work hours. By offering these high-quality amenities, the project aims to help its employees and visitors achieve a better work-life balance.”
  • Connectivity 360: Ambrosia Galaxy is a prime location for businesses seeking a convenient and accessible workplace. The highway proximity further adds to the convenience by reducing commute time and making it easier for employees and visitors to reach their destinations quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the project is well-connected to public transportation, providing employees and visitors with multiple options for travel to and from the workplace. Whether it’s reduced commute time, or the convenience of ample parking and good public transportation, Ambrosia Galaxy is designed to meet the needs of its employees and visitors, making it the ideal choice for businesses seeking a prime location.
  • Growth 360: Growth 360: Ambrosia Galaxy is an innovative project that prioritizes both business and employee growth. As a hub for the IT industry, it provides a supportive environment for a wide range of multifaceted businesses. The project is designed to help businesses succeed and reach their full potential. It provides the resources, facilities, and services needed to drive growth and reach new heights. At the heart of the project is a focus on generating a high return on rentals. With an eye towards the future, the project is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing needs of the businesses and employees it serves. Whether it’s providing new services, facilities, or resources, Ambrosia Galaxy is dedicated to helping everyone reach their full potential. This makes Ambrosia Galaxy a promising investment opportunity for those looking to buy a commercial office space in Baner, Pune. 


  • Openness 360: Ambrosia Galaxy prioritizes the comfort and well-being of its employees by incorporating a design that promotes openness and natural light. The 4-sided open office spaces feature ample ventilation, ensuring a comfortable and inviting work environment. The panoramic views from the office spaces offer a refreshing change of pace, providing employees with stunning views of the city, nature, and the beautiful Pashan Hill. This combination of functionality and beauty creates a visually appealing and peaceful workplace, offering employees a much-needed escape from the monotony of a compact concrete jungle. By promoting openness, the project aims to support the growth and success of its employees and businesses. Whether it’s the stunning views or the open office spaces, Ambrosia Galaxy is designed to provide employees with a comfortable work environment.


Pune is quickly becoming a popular city in India due to its vibrant culture, world-class educational institutions, and growing infrastructure. The commercial real estate market in Pune is expected to grow at a rapid pace, which is encouraging for investors. Divya Sparsh Infra, a group founded a decade ago by visionary entrepreneurs, is a trusted and reputable leader in residential and commercial development in Pune. The group prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives for excellence in all of its operations. Ambrosia Galaxy in Baner is poised to be a new economic paradigm in the city, making it an excellent choice for investors looking to buy a new commercial project in Baner Pune.