Don’t even think of buying an office if you’re not considering the huge impact it’s making on your business! By now you know more about real estate investing in Pune than the average person thanks to the upteen literature online. But have you made the assessment complete yet?

If you’re a business owner, you already know the right ways to make a good decision in investing. But we thought we might give you a few extra angles to reach your conclusion.

If you are searching for a Commercial Shop space with high footfalls in Pune, we would like to help you with some questions to ask before finalizing a space – 

1) What you should be expecting from commercial real estate in Pune?
2) What gives the best value for your price point?
3) What is the after-sales service you should be expecting?
4) And why you should first be able to trust the builder more than anything else?


Do I really need to buy a commercial property in Pune? 

Yes, because real estate is not just a place to operate from but also a growing asset. You’re going to be making your money while you operate from a headquarters, but as you Grow (which is inevitable) so
will the property value. You’ll have that big buyout cheque when you retire, and even if you don’t retire (which is
impossible!), your business is always going to have the following advantages –

1) You won’t have to pay increasing rent anymore,
2) You’re converting a portion of your finances into a fixed asset whose value will grow eventually in future,
3) It gives you the chance to customize your space as per your set business guidelines.


Now that I’m in the market for an office space: What are my options?

As we mentioned earlier please don’t hold back when making your decision. We want to remind you that the office or showroom that you desire should be on a DP Main road, be a street facing location, have a good level of business traffic and connectivity, and also should be a landmark that can be pointed out at the location. 

Office culture and business culture has moved ahead a lot in the last decade. And a commercial space in Pune without a good architecture is just a body without a soul in it. Same can be said for new shops for
sale in Pune that do not have architecture that take into account buyer behavior and market demands. 

DivyaSparsh Ambrosia Galaxy brings you 18 floors of offices and hybrid infrastructure with new shops
for sale in Pune. That means that you get a hundred thousand (100,000 sq.ft) of infrastructure including a lunch facility, day care, gym, and coworking spaces at a great price. All this allows you to grow your work culture and create a productive environment for your employees. 

No business can run itself, it needs a person to do the job so the mindset is important when you make an investment in Pune. In the next section we will tell you a little something about the mindset Divyasparsh is proud to have and give when you invest in its commercial shops for sale in Pune. 


Sales and aftersales; what should you be expecting? 

Let me give you a little bit of knowledge about what’s happening on the inside when a builder offers a commercial building in Pune. Just take the name of Kumar Pacific Mall, or Ganga Satellite, or Ambrosia Galaxy. You will see a common scheme in all of these names. 

A project for commercial investment in Pune is the biggest chance for a builder to shine. Because his
name will be prefixed to the property name, so that’s why they are always ready to take four things
very seriously when sharing the property plans with you. 

  1. The builder will tell you the size of the floor plan, and the personalisation you can do to it. 
  2. Give you a clear breakup of the pricing on the Sq.ft basis as well as the infra cost, cost of parking etc. 
  3. Give you a committed timeline of completion events and the exact date of when you get assured rental from the builder.
  4. Give you notice of the after-sales service, the infra society details and facility management you receive. 
  5. Assured rental which brings you in touch with investors looking for shops on rent in Pune.

What are investor floors in a commercial property in Pune?


Investor floors are open floor plans that are dedicated to bigger businesses that seat 50 or more employees. They have a high demand from businesses that operate from India but serve global
locations or have a pan-country presence. 

The good news is that Divyasparsh Ambrosia Galaxy offers an investor floor with assured rental for investors. This means that your investment is protected by a fixed property income for the first few
years while you finance the EMI etc. So it can be an advantage if you seat your office of more than fifty employees here. 

At Ambrosia Galaxy we are committed to giving you every assistance when buying commercial offices
and premium luxury shops in Pune. We are here to guide you and give you every attention you need
so please pick up the phone and call us to book a site visit, or do so on our website