Buying a commercial shop isn’t an easy task. Various factors have to be considered, right from the location to the prices and the size of the space you are investing in. While commercial shops are more like a long-term investment, they cannot be changed frequently and thus you must be wise and choose the right shop for your business to bloom. 

Various buyers end up making the same mistakes while choosing a shop. A commercial shop cannot be bought whimsically. One must consider various factors and must focus on the don’ts more than the dos. Thus, we’ve helped you by compiling all the common mistakes an entrepreneur is liable to make while choosing a commercial shop. Consider these mistakes and try not to repeat them in order to make a clever choice.

What common mistakes should you avoid while buying a commercial shop?

1. Not choosing the right location

Any experienced retailer or business person would tell you how important it is to pick the right business location. Location can affect your business to a considerable extent. Various things must be considered before picking a place for your business.

It is not just about buying a shop in a metropolitan city; it is also about analysing the city well and picking a shop in the hotspot of business. Also, each type of business is liable to flourish only in a particular spot. Be smart enough and make sure to analyse the location well to make the right decision.

The prices, too, are liable to vary according to the places you pick. Make sure the space is convenient for you to commute to and fro.

2. Not doing your research 

A major mistake you can make while choosing a spot is not doing your research. Do thorough research before investing in the space. Look for similar options in and around the area. Compare the prices and amenities provided.

Look out for a space that will benefit your type of business. Also, the commercial shop space shouldn’t be secluded from residential areas. This way, you can pick the right shop for your business.

3. Not buying the right property

While buying a shop, make sure to check the property out. Look out for the pros and cons. Make sure that the infrastructure suits your business. Invest in a spacious shop. Make sure that the structure of the shop is suitable for the kind of business you are intending to run.

Avoid booking your shops online. Visit them personally and check out the storage area, the infrastructure and the neighborhood. Contact a few agencies that can help you make an informed decision.

4. Not buying the right quality 

Quality must always be regarded over quantity. The shop you might be willing to invest in would be very spacious, but if the infrastructure isn’t up to the mark, avoid buying it.

Poor infrastructure means you are liable to a heftier maintenance cost. Furthermore, the vibes of the room are liable to change, and this wouldn’t attract customers. Choose quality spaces. They must be worth the amount you are investing.

The quality of the services provided must also be checked. Be open about your expectations of the place. Communicate your needs and see that their services fit your preferences.

5. Not enquiring about the services provided

Make sure you enquire about all the services and amenities they provide. Make sure to ask them for a detailed list of all the services. Compare the amenities provided by all and purchase shops that have to provide the best services at reasonable rates. 

If you do not ask about the services, you might end up purchasing something that you do not wish to avail yourself of. Thus, be clear about all that you are looking for. Customize your packages to suit all your needs.

6. Not enquiring about the additional or hidden costs

Many companies usually have a few hidden costs that are only enforced after the place has been booked. Not enquiring about these costs would be a mistake to commit. Many small businesses often end up buying these spaces without enquiring about them. Avoid this mistake at any cost.

Request them for a detailed list of prices and costs. In any case, if there are any hidden costs, try to resolve them as soon as possible. Prices can also be negotiated.

7. Not considering online ratings and recommendations

Make sure to consider the online ratings and recommendations provided by the prior customers. Contact as many people as possible. Trust the reviews they have to provide. Explore the comments section to get a clear idea about the place you are investing in.

Do not invest in a completely unknown place that doesn’t have good ratings. If you have any doubts, you can always contact the agencies. Talk to them and resolve your doubts.

8. Not having a long-term plan

Make sure to have a long-term business plan. If you are not sure about continuing with the business, make sure to invest less than usual. Having a long-term plan can help you decide the kind of amenities you require and for how long you will be considering them. The contract can be signed accordingly. Shops for lease are usually much more expensive, so it is even better to buy a place rather than lease it if you are opting for a long-term business.


While investing in a place, be sure not to repeat these common mistakes. Many small businesses end up repeating them, which isn’t a good business virtue. If you are looking for some shops in Pune, be sure to contact Ambrosia Galaxy.

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