Commercial showroom is a type of Retail Commercial Real Estate Investment that business owners choose to increase their business revenue. Showrooms offer retail shops for different business types. Commercial Showrooms allow customers to experience your products and services and give an idea of your business working environment through the interiors, infrastructures, and physical presentation of products. 

Buying or renting a showroom in Pune is a cost-effective decision that requires consideration of several factors. From choosing the right location and infrastructure to showroom size, careful selection of every factor is essential. One wrong decision will affect your business growth and may risk your business.

Things to consider when buying a showroom for your business



To make things clear and better for your business, here are the top essential factors you should consider when buying a showroom for your business.

  • Analyse the Neighborhood

The location of the showroom is essential to consider before buying it. Firstly, ensure that your desired location is not affected by the economic downturn as it will adversely affect the revenues of your business. Scan numerous locations and proper

ties, and evaluate each location in terms of the infrastructure, interior, basic facilities, business atmosphere, competitors in the neighborhood, and more. 


Also, focus on your target audience location and the accessibility to your showroom through road and rail transport. Keep in mind that your showroom location can either increase the revenues to a great extent or it can return to losses.

  • Assess the Property Details

You must assess all the property plans, features, quality, and surroundings of the showroom location. Assess the factors such as showroom space layout, proper ventilation, parking facility, natural light, floors in the building, modern amenities & facilities, security, and automation. 


Choose a developing surrounding to increase the return on investment on the property. All these factors determine whether the showroom space for rent will be an optimal investment or not.

  • Interior and Infrastructure

The showroom’s interior is an important aspect not to be missed. Your retail customers will directly interact with the business’s physical location and for that, you need to be sure to maintain a great interior and infrastructure. 


Make the most out of your showroom space to create visually appealing areas and corners that attract customers. Your customer should feel a sense of belongingness and offer quality infrastructure that makes the customer choose your showroom again and again. The infrastructure should provide all the amenities that a customer demands while interacting with the products.

  • Hidden Charges

Almost most of the showroom properties carry a hidden cost with them. These are mainly the running, repair, and maintenance costs that initially you might not observe, but after a specific time, you are forced to pay for such hidden costs. 


These costs sometimes fall out of your budget and force you to take loans for these cost payments additionally increasing your overhead expenses. Estimate all these potential costs associated with the showroom for rent and discuss prior with the dealer, and include them in the contract.

  • Rates and Return on Investment

The per square feet commercial property rate is different in every locality. Calculate your property rate and all the other properties rate in your locality to get an idea of how much you should be paying. Determine the benefits in the short and long run in comparison to rates, and decide accordingly. 


After the calculation of the rates and return, discuss the pricing aspects and negotiate the rates till you are not satisfied. Estimating rates and return will help the business owner make a well-informed choice. Do not settle for a commercial showroom for rent with higher rates with lower returns.

  • Flexibility and Scalability

Always opt for flexible showroom spaces that can be modified.  It is one such factor that is often overlooked by business owners. In the long run, your business will expand, and to meet the future modification requirements, you need to have flexible premises today. 


These flexible premises not only will help expand the business but will also allow you to rent the space in the future to increase your earning sources. It will allow you to scale the business’s future course of action.

  • Litigation of the Property

One of the critical aspects to keep in mind is to ensure that the property you are buying is free from any kind of old or existing litigation. Litigations on the property can lead you into serious trouble and risk your business’s future endeavors. 


Often dealers try to get rid of such property by making quick deals. If you find any litigation, reconsider buying that commercial property and contact the dealer to either renegotiate the contract or leave the contract.  Stay alert in case of such fraud.

  • Acknowledge the Risk 

Before you buy a commercial showroom you should analyze and evaluate all the possible risks involved in that property. The possible risks can be a change in market trends, geographical location, the property’s history, price inflation in the future, environmental safety issues in the location, or administration issues. 


It is essential that you know about all the risks in detail and knows which risk is likely to affect your property in the short and long run of the business. It will help you scale your business productivity and efficiency over a long period.



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