Whether you’re new to commercial real estate or thinking about switching office locations, it can be challenging to pinpoint exactly what you want. Identifying the style of workspace that best suits your company is one of the first things you should do while looking for an office. So take a look at the different attributes of office spaces, which are categorized as A, B, & C classes and find out which best satisfies your requirements.

Class A office spaces are turning out to be gigantically famous speculative choices because of more significant yields when contrasted with other classes.

Due to the advanced features compared to other assets, they are quickly becoming one of the most popular investment options. For investors of the younger generation, these are promising investments. Here is everything you need to know about A class office buildings before deciding to invest in them.

What are class A offices?

a class office

When it comes to workplace demands, Class A is the nicest and most demanded space on the market. The majority of the modifications and improvements over the years have typically been made to newer developments or some older buildings to make them.

They are the newest structures with the best state-of-the-art amenities, day-to-day staff and security, modern interiors and upgraded technologies. Class A office spaces are considered the best commercial spaces on the market, usually with top-notch installations, pillar-less floor plates, expensive amenities, and well-functioning advanced elevators.

High-end facility packages, including luxurious conference rooms and common spaces, gyms, and on-site fitness centres, are mostly available in Class A office buildings. They might have a restaurant or a coffee shop as well.

The cost of class A offices

Their infrastructure is first-class and rental prices are usually higher, depending on the location and standard of the office space. As they are located in central business districts and on main thoroughfares, they are somewhat expensive. They offer high-end premium space for which they charge higher rents.  Another typical characteristic of Class A office spaces which makes them costly is their height. This building type includes many high-rise buildings, and the interiors of these buildings often have higher ceilings. A large central lobby is also typical of them. The best options in a given real estate market are Class A offices. They are considered safe and reliable investments but have a high price. Investors need to keep in mind all the possible changes needed to keep the building attractive to this particular market, as they provide top-notch service to tenants who demand the best. Some business experts believe that Class A office space, which typically offers tenants far more amenities and flexibility, is particularly attractive in the new world of hybrid work, as the Internet has led to an increase in remote and quality work. However, according to the quality of the services offered, the prices are reasonable in class A office buildings.

Who can afford Class A offices?

This type of workspace is only suitable for a certain type of investor and tenant because of its high cost. Since Class A office spaces are the best the market has to offer, the owner will need to keep up with new features and trends, which could incur additional costs. High-profile commercial enterprises, such as law firms and financial organisations, often rent offices in these buildings. These areas are kept in pristine condition by reputable property managers.

So if your company is a highly profitable retailer, you can afford these costly amenities. Because of the maintenance and quality improvements, the prices are not sustainable for small businesses. Your annual budget will determine whether or not you can afford them.

Reasons to choose class A office space

As mentioned earlier, you now have a rough idea of the quality of services that Class A workplaces provide. Some additional benefits are pointed out below to give you more reasons to choose them.

  • One major advantage of investing in this asset class is that Class A offices, which are the highest-quality assets on the market, draw the best tenants with the strongest credit.
  • The building is newer and more efficient, thus the other advantages include higher rental rates, more restrictive lease periods, and lower capital expenditures. These benefits often lead to more enticing conditions for borrowing against the asset.
  • Because of their efficiency, the newer systems also result in lower energy costs for tenants. The lower environmental impact is also a benefit. Lower occupancy costs for tenants in more efficient buildings draw and help retain them.
  • The class A workspaces also provide modern upgraded technologies which will help you to elevate the efficiency of the work.
  • It will give your company a professional prestigious image that can attract clients.
  • Moreover, these office spaces are located in strategic locations. Employees will find it simpler to shuttle to work as a result. Additionally, they can work more quickly and be more productive as they will spend less time commuting to work.


From the above discussion, we conclude that class A workspaces are premium establishments as compared to conventional office spaces. They are suitable for profitable organisations to develop their work to an advanced level. 

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