Pune is a rapidly growing industrial city. The commercial projects in and around Pune are one of the most esteemed and successful ones. Especially in an area like Baner, there are a lot of new and upcoming projects that are being taken on by prominent companies like Ambrosia galaxy. 

Baner is very close to the concentrated industrial area and hence is preferred by businesses for commercial setups. Various companies set up various shops, offices, and showrooms here. Baner is also a great option if you are planning to get returns on commercial property.

What are assured returns?

The concept of Assured returns is an up-and-coming option for investment. An assured return is when you get a fixed return from the money you invested. In this case, the investment is made in a commercial property.

The owner or developer of the property pays a fixed amount of money to the investors every month on the amount that is paid by the investors. Therefore, if you are part of a growing business then Baner Pune would be an ideal location for your business to flourish. This investment will pay long-term dividends.


Why should you invest in an assured returns project in Baner, Pune?

an assured returns project in Baner, Pune

The best thing about investing in assured returns projects is that there is very low or no monetary risk. Since the name itself is “assured returns,” you need not worry about incurring a loss or losing your money if you invest in a genuine and reliable project.

Here are some benefits of investing in assured returns projects in Baner:

  1. Buying these spaces or investing in these projects assures you a definite return, regardless of the period or any other factor. You will receive steady and sure returns.
  2. These projects are very profitable since they are situated in a favourable area like Baner.
  3. These projects provide faster turnarounds of your investments and better returns as well. They also have lower investment capital.
  4. You can start getting the rent within the first 6 months of possession.
  5. The owners of the property do not need to worry about the maintenance of the place if they rent out the spaces to other businesses.
  6. You will have better security and assurance since most projects provide bank guarantees as security. Hence, you need not worry about anything else.
  7. Baner is one of the most fast-paced and versatile areas in terms of the development of businesses and industries. 

Ambrosia Galaxy is a premium commercial property with Assured returns

Ambrosia galaxy is a one-stop solution for all your commercial space requirements. Not only are the projects profitable, but Ambrosia Galaxy also offers their customers commercial spaces with assured returns, more than the most luxurious and tall glass commercial towers available for sale in Baner, Pune. From retail outlets to premium office spaces, Ambrosia commercial spaces is the place to invest in for long term returns.

While looking for the perfect option for commercial properties for investment, it is important to consider whether the project is convenient in terms of location accessibility. If the location is accessible for businesses and customers, the profit will definitely be higher. Hence, giving even better returns for investors.

Ambrosia Galaxy takes care of this need. Baner, Pune is a place that is very accessible from the city as well as other industrial areas. In fact, Baner is currently one of the best places in Pune due to its rapidly growing infrastructure and industry.

Another important factor is the architecture and construction quality. The architects and engineers at Ambrosia Galaxy have ensured that you get the perfect working space with the best possible amenities.

The amenities include a central courtyard, creative waiting lounges, elevators, and much more. Being one of the tallest glass towers equipped with world-class amenities, Ambrosia Galaxy will be the end of your hunt for a commercial assured return property.

Investment options available at Ambrosia Galaxy Assured Return Project.

Investing in an assured returns project is a great option when it comes to such an accessible and reliable location and developers. With the assistance of Ambrosia Galaxy you can make investments through Investment floor, Office space, Shops, showrooms, etc. With this project, all the needs from leasing assistance to top-class amenities have been taken care of. Also, there are no extra hidden fees involved.

Here are reasons why investing in Ambrosia galaxy is a great option:

  1. The 4th, 5th, 11th, and 12th floors have been reserved for business offices available for buying, leasing, and renting.
  2. The 7th and 8th floor of the building is reserved for investors who wish to buy the space and later rent it out.
  3. The 14th floor is the Ambrosia Galaxy builder’s office.
  4. The 15th, 16th, and 17th floors will be reserved for a single company.
  5. For the saleable areas, the rentals start from Rs. 70 to 75 and above.
  6. An annual increment of 5 to 10% is available.
  7. Leasing assistance will be provided for clients.
  8. Guaranteed and reliable assured returns property.

Customers can buy and invest in various shops, showrooms, and offices that will be included in the property. The bookings are now open and many inquiries are coming in. Hence, you can now book and design your dream working space.

Hence, considering the new and upcoming businesses and industries in Pune, Ambrosia is one of the best options for buying offices and investing in commercial property as well.


In conclusion, the Ambrosia Galaxy project is one of the biggest ones in Baner, Pune. It is a great option for investment and for buying commercial properties with assured returns. Businesses will get top-class amenities and great deals, while investors can find the best rental rates and assured returns. All in the same property!

Hence, if you are looking for options for buying an office space or investing in a property, contact or visit the Ambrosia Galaxy project at Baner, Pune. Be sure to get in touch with the Ambrosia Galaxy team today to learn more about the commercial properties on offer in Baner Pune.