Welcome to Ambrosia Galaxy, soon to be the new capitol of commerce in Pune. We present to you a vision of work and business networking that will rival the powerhouses of commerce in global cities around the world.

Ambrosia Galaxy is a one of its kind hybrid development on Pan Card Road that is already gathering interest from offices and founders who believe in a global work culture that is balanced and productive

Let us take you on a tour of what we envision to become the core of business activity in Baner. Ambrosia Galaxy has been designed to speak for itself, and while architecture is what makes its presence felt, when you work and bring your organization here you’ll understand the unspoken dimension that makes Ambrosia Galaxy a great place to work.

Commercial architecture is an art

When we dream of business we see mountains of success. And if success is a mountain then your headquarters in Pune should be a magnificent and towering structure that suits your giant ambitions.

Ambrosia Galaxy is 18 storeys of awe inspiring architecture. Its construction and edifice ticks all the boxes of what you would come to expect from a commercial property in Pune that aims to be a striking landmark. Ambrosia Galaxy offers street facing showrooms and offices in Pune and you can’t miss them when you pass this busy street corner.

We designed a lobby that unshers in footfall and is of a grand stature with double height ceilings in the interiors. During the planning phase of how we were going to plan the floor plates of Galaxy, we wanted to include the tiny features that make your every day at work a stress free, smooth and great one.

This means that we would put thought into how you would arrive at our headquarters after your commute and park in the 5 storey parking lot. We charted an obstruction-free walkway that would take you from your car to the high-speed air-conditioned lifts that shuttle you to your floor.

When it comes to being a commercial property in Pune that has sophistication and convenience, Ambrosia Galaxy has all this conveniences complimented with some of the best interiors that we could curate for you. If you wish to know more about the architecture and design language of Ambrosia Galaxy, visit our homepage.

Work is a drive of life; so why not make it the best?

We’ve spoken to many founders before planning this commercial property in Pune. As a founder and employer who takes responsibility for your employees, we know that you want a work environment that is productive, but also takes away the excess pressure that the industry demands.

What we did for you was take into account all of the best ideas that founders had to share about what they expected from a premium office space in Pune, and included it in our floor plans so that they could become a reality. Ambrosia Galaxy is one of the few commercial offices in Pune that lets you personalize your own floor plans. This means that if you want an extra conference room to take important meetings you got it. If you need another utility space like a room for brainstorming or holding presentations, you got that too.

At Ambrosia Galaxy we want to give you amenities that are not just a way to escape work, but also a way to embrace it. And that’s why we’ve included a whole list of amenities that only the best commercial business parks can boast of. We present to you the list of work-break & recharging amenities that Ambrosia Galaxy has to offer. If you would like something more, you can hash it out with us and we can include it within your office space in Pune.

  • Ready to use & fully equipped gymnasium and yoga room
  • Daycare for your employees to be close their children
  • Cafeteria for your employees to have lunch and refill on their energy
  • Courtyard for a bit of nature to take your mind off work
  • Client lounge and waiting room to pamper your clients while they wait
  • Coworking space to break the monotony
  • A business bay suite to host out of town clients

All the facilities at Ambrosia Galaxy are professionally managed, so that you can expect the very best of hygiene and facility management from our team who are ready to serve you.

Commercial office spaces that rival the best in Pune

Ambrosia Galaxy presents street facing offices that give you an elevated view of Eastern Pune. Every office space at Ambrosia Galaxy offers floor plans that are spacious and we’ve designed the interiors so that it will be a breeze to organize working bays and departments within each floor plan.

We also present a special investor floor that you can own which attracts global companies looking for entire floors to rent. The demand is high for offices of this kind, and at Ambrosia Galaxy we are committed to giving you rental assistance that will ensure that your interests are protected as you finance this incredibly best property investment.

We present to you the benefits you receive from investing in a commercial real estate investment with Divyasparsh Ambrosia Galaxy:

  • Leasing assistance with assured rental from the date of occupation 6 months after possession
  • Iconic architecture that is globally recognized as your address
  • Layout personalization that gives you the flexibility to plan your office layouts and utilities
  • Completely managed infrastructure that maintains office premises and infrastructure

Thank you for reading our introduction to the vision and highlights of Ambrosia Galaxy – the address for your Office that you can proudly call a headquarters. Stay tuned for more stories from our editors, on how we are bringing the future of architecture and work friendly culture to Pan Card Road..

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