Thinking of buying an office space in Pune, or a showroom in Pune that is on Pan Card Road? You’re making a good decision because of five very important reasons.

Before we go into the details of what these five reasons are, we need to give you a highlight of what you stand to gain from owning an office space for sale in Pune, at one of the commercially dense locations. Divyasparsh Ambrosia Galaxy is renowned for its customer support and the value it gives to investors who put their money in buying a hybrid commercial office space in Pune. Here’s why;

Ambrosia Galaxy gives you the following advantages of owning a commercial real estate property in Baner, Pune –

  • A spacious office or showroom space with interiors that you can personalize at Divyasparsh Ambrosia Galaxy.
  • Investor floors that seat over 50 people or smaller offices for 10 people or more.
  • Assured rental from the day of delivery so that your loan repayment is financed by immediate property income.
  • After sales service from the day of entry to everyday of your journey of owning your office headquarters at Divyasparsh Ambrosia Galaxy.
  • Complete pre-sales and after service even before you book the site visit with phone support from our team.

Location advantages when you buy an office in Baner, Pune

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Property value in Baner is one of the highest in the city and there are a number of reasons for real estate investing here. Choosing Ambrosia Galaxy for a commercial property to buy works in your favor.

In this section, we will take you through some key pointers that helped our customers which is a mix cluster of businessmans, MNCs and Real Estate Investors who preferred investing at Ambrosia Galaxy. Indeed, the location is worth to take a jibe!

Let’s have a quick look though some of the key pointers –

  1. Baner – the entry point for the Mumbai-Pune Highway
    When living in Pune you know that the Mumbai-Pune Highway is extremely important. It is the main vein that runs parallel to the city; connecting it to other tech districts like Hinjewadi, Aundh, Balewadi and Old city. Being close to the highway is definitely an advantage for your employees and yourself when you commute. And if you buy as a commercial space for lease in Pune you get higher returns for investors because of this location.
  2. We are locked at the intersection of two DP roads
    Ambrosia Galaxy is built on a generous land parcel of approximately 1 acre with elevated high-end showrooms and office spaces with street facing windows. This location is at the intersection of two DP roads that brings business traffic from two sides of the street so that you get maximum visibility and a superb street view. The demand for office space for sale in Baner is highest here.
  3. Metro will boost property prices in Pune so buy now
    The metro is the biggest infrastructure development in the city and the Baner Metro Station is a very prominent location on the map for the metro. Investment is being boosted in these areas as property values will inevitably rise when the construction is complete.
  4. Assured growing rentals across Baner
    If you are investing in Ambrosia Galaxy , there can’t be a better time to get a guaranteed return on investment from a commercial property in Pune. Ask for a site visit and get immediate rental assistance from Ambrosia Galaxy by giving your commercial property on rent. Surrounding areas of Baner have received property appreciation of 12.7% this year. Make the most of this for your returns on commercial property investment in Pune.
  5. Ambrosia Galaxy is on a generous 1 acre land Parcel
    Ambrosia Galaxy is spread out across 1 acre of land parcel which is one of the most prominent locations on DP road, Baner. It is one of the tallest towers in the immediate location, so it definitely will stand out if you bring your office in Baner here. Also, Ambrosia Galaxy offers all your office amenities within the infrastructure, that means retail spaces in Baner, a cafeteria, gym and co working spaces are all here within the infrastructure.
  6. Baner has high commercial traffic and high office density
    Pan Card Road is at the center of Baner, so that you are at the core of all the location advantages. Ambrosia Galaxy is located directly opposite other high network office complexes like Sterling Towers, and less than 3 Kms from Regional Post Office and Bitwise Tera Towers.

At Ambrosia Galaxy, we are committed to giving you every assistance when buying commercial offices and shops in Pune. We are here to guide you and give you every attention you need so please pick up the phone and call us to book a site visit, or do so on our website.