The Commercial Office Space market is booming yearly with the changing business world dynamics. Post-pandemic business operations are back to their physical locations, and the need for more office spaces has increased. More corporates, professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs seek office spaces that provide the maximum benefits. Office space for sale in Pune comes with modern amenities, ensuring health and safety measures, and environmental and sustainability standards are preferred.

Each business has its own needs and requirements for its unique office spaces. Office space is the depiction of your business values, culture, working environment, vibrant atmosphere, creativity, and innovation. Your office space demands the physical representation of all these things. So it becomes extremely important to have an office where your infrastructure speaks. 

Choosing the office space for rent that serves your needs in the best way is a complex and confusing process. With so many options in the market, it becomes difficult to know which one will serve you the best. You must rent or buy a cost-effective office space that gives you long-term benefits.

When choosing a new office what should you look for?



Several factors determine the selection of your office space. Here we have listed a few of them that you should look for in any office space before choosing the best.

  • Prime Location

The primary factor to look for in your office space is the location of your office. The reputation and growth of your business will directly be influenced by the location of your office space. The strategic location will help you to increase your credibility and reduce the risk of your business. Also, the location should have the amenities like a good electricity supply, water connections, and high-speed internet.


The location that is easily accessible to you, your employees, and your clients are the best that you should prefer above any other advantage. Easy connectivity of the business space for rent with all the public transportation is also necessary so that your clients or customers can easily reach out to you anytime.

  • Budget

Your budget is another factor for the business to consider before buying or renting office space. As it requires a large budget, you should have proper office space planning of the amount ready to invest and the source of your funds. You should decide the type of property, space required, location of the property, amenities to be included, and nearby amenities like hospitals, banks, ATMs, hotels, gyms, cafeterias, and all other facilities that your business demands, and set the budget.


Also, remember to evaluate all the commercial space costs related to project management, utilities, and maintenance. If you don’t have enough budget, you can prefer to lease the property.

  • Infrastructure

The infrastructure of your office should be creative and appealing for a great working environment. You don’t want a space with poor infrastructure and a lack of basic amenities for proper business operations functioning. 


The office should be well-equipped with basic facilities like ample parking, good internet connection, electricity supply, postal services, telephone facilities, a lift in the building, safety measures, security, and more. The quality and reliability of the space should also be kept in mind.

  • Physical Condition of the Office

The physical condition of the office should be a critical factor to look out for. You should consider the maintenance and repair the office will require as per the need of your setup. Evaluating the physical condition will also help to determine the amount of maintenance to be included in the budget. It helps to determine the future resale value of the property in the future. 

  • Terms of the Property

Office spaces come with numerous terms and conditions that you need to agree upon before officially renting or buying the office space. The property owner demands the contract where you need to sign the commitment letter. Ensure to sign the commitment initially for one year only because you don’t know the actual worth of the office.


You should read all the terms and conditions carefully of the office on rent in Pune and evaluate every requirement with your needs. If you do not agree to some of the terms of service, then it is better to go for another office space where you can work as per your requirements and not the property owners.

  • The Overall Size

Choose the right office space size that caters to all your needs. Determine the number of employees you need to accommodate considering the current and future requirements in case of business expansion. Ensure that your space is neither large so that you do not end up paying for the vacant and unused space in your office. And the office space should not be small enough that your employees and the assets don’t have enough space for themselves. 


Your office should have ample space for meeting rooms, reception, rest area, and outdoor area. The right size makes your office a great working environment thus, you mustn’t overlook this factor while fulfilling other factors.



If you are looking for an office workspace, then Divyasparsh infra group’s Ambrosia Galaxy is the perfect property for your business needs. Ambrosia Galaxy is a commercial property in Pune that offers premium office spaces to businesses. Their office spaces offer 9000 to 40,000 sq. ft property that is very well equipped with all the modern-day facilities that your business demands. 

The facilities it provides include a central courtyard, high-speed elevators, a client waiting for lounge, DG Backup, washrooms on every floor, Double height Air Conditioned lobbies, ample parking facility, and 3 – Tier Security. This office space in Pune even offers to customize your office space interiors by letting you choose amenities as per your business needs.

The key features that make this office space different from all others are its Interior, Housekeeping facility, and hygienic working environment. Also, their terms and conditions are not too complex and do not require you to go through a lot of documentation processes. Investing in this property is the best decision and will yield a high return on investment for your business.